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Termite Control - Westminster, CO

Efficient Termite Control and Prevention in Westminster, CO

Eradicating termites from your property is easy when you choose the right termite control professionals. Denver Pest & Termite Control offers comprehensive pest control and removal services for both residential and commercial clients.

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If termites are causing structural damage in your home or business, choose our team to get rid of them. Termite control in Westminster, CO takes a different approach. When we come to your property to tackle your infestation, we first complete a HUD termite inspection. Inspections are available for homebuyers.

Once we've checked your property, we start the treatment process. Please note that we don't bring in hoses to spray your baseboards for termites. We use one of the two treatment options:

Bait - We put down bait to kill off the termites.
Soil Treatment - Subterranean termites live in soil. By treating the soil, it kills the insects over time and leaves a lasting residual effect.


After we complete the termite treatment of your choice, we provide you with a warranty. This guarantee covers the timeframe during which the pests should be gone. We provide warranties for either a 1- or 5-year timeframe.

Termite Prevention – Westminster, CO